Dr Song is an experienced doctor and internationally-recognised expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. She has been treating patients for 27 years

  • BACK PAIN, FROZEN SHOULDER, SCIATICA and many other joint pains are Dr Song's speciality, with Chinese medicine particularly suited to treating back, neck and elbow pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, low back and leg pain and many other painful conditions.

  • ARTHRITIS in hands, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles: symptoms can be reduced or eradicated by Dr Song.

  • ACNE & SEVERE ACNE is another of Dr Song's specialities. Dr Song has her own special treatment for rapid recovery from acne, including severe acne. Dr Song has lectured at medical conferences and published articles on her acne treatment. Dr Song also has her own herbal acne cream which is effective.

  • SKIN CONDITIONS including eczema, itchy skin, psoriasis, foot infection and verruca can be successfully treated by Dr Song

  • ANXIETY & DEPRESSION  It is not widely known in the UK, but an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Dr Song can treat anxiety and depression completely drug-free using acupuncture, Chinese herbs and cupping.

  • MIGRAINE Dr Song is an expert in the treatment of migraine and can give immediate relief and restore a feeling of well-being during a migraine attack. Emergency and immediate treatment available from Dr Song in her London clinic.

  • STICKY MUSCLES  Dr Song has effective treatment for those suffering from "sticky muscles" during the recovery from broken arms, legs, shoulders etc and during the recovery from strokes.

  • WOMEN'S HEALTH INCLUDING PERIOD PAINS, PREGNANCY, IVF, MENOPAUSE & HOT FLUSHES  Dr Song has supplementary therapy for women trying to get pregnant or undergoing IVF treatment. Dr Song also has treatment for period pain and many of the issues associated with menopause.

  • RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS Sore throats, blocked noses, coughs, phlegm, difficulty breathing and fever are all problems Dr Song is accustomed to treating with rapid recovery.

  • STOMACH PROBLEMS Stomach ache, nausea, digestive problems, constipation can be effectively treated by Dr Song.

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM conditions and/or symptoms including strokes, Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, facioplegia and polyradiculoneuritis can be treated by Dr Song using drug-free, traditional Chinese methods

  • CANCER Dr Song's treatment can help patients with their quality of life and alleviate symptoms when suffering from cancer and undergoing cancer operations and radiotherapy.

  • CHEMOTHERAPY For those undergoing chemotherapy, Dr Song has a special treatment to alleviate the side effects and make the patient feel more comfortable.

  • WELL-BEING Feeling under the weather? Run down, tired, exhausted or fed up? One of the benefits of possessing expertise in traditional Chinese treatment is that Dr Song can give treatment that leaves you feeling energetic, uplifted - and even happy!


ACUPUNCTURE Dr Song is an expert in many different forms of acupuncture

HERBS Dr Song has her own dispensary with more than 200 different herbs from which she selects when filling her prescriptions for treating patients

CUPPING, MOXIBUSTION & HEATLAMP are other treatments available from Dr Song

MASSAGE/PHYSIOTHERAPY/SCRUBBING Dr Song uses traditional Chinese medical massage ("Tui Na") when appropriate