OBSERVATION OF THE CLINICAL EFFECT OF COMPREHENSIVE TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR PATIENTS WITH PERIARTHRITIS OF THE SHOULDER Dr Song Clinic, London Published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, vol 24, issue 2, November 2017



To explore the clinical curative effect of comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy on periarthritis of the shoulder.


Twenty patients with periarthritis of the shoulder received acupuncture on Ashi points  (Tender points)  by heat  needle pricking , FSN needle floating, filiform needle in deep or surrounding tissue and cupping. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy helped the surface of the shoulder have strong energy against cold, wind and wet conditions in the environment and at the same time helping get swollen and extravasated blood out of the shoulder.  Then good blood with more oxygen comes to the shoulder with better circulation.

Acupuncture on four limbs to balance energy and blood, to nourish tendons (controlled by the liver meridian) and bones (controlled by the kidney meridian) and to help make the mind peaceful. 

Treatment was once a week with ten sessions  per  course.  The longest  treatment was just one course.  Simultaneously, each day patients took orally 10 grams of Dr Song's Herbal Periarthritis Powder and daily externally applied Dr Song's Arthritis Cream. 

The Herbal Powder and Arthritis Cream helped improve  the circulation of blood and energy; get cold, wind and wet conditions out of the shoulder; stretch the tendon and muscle; and strengthen the bones.


Five cases were cured. 11 cases were obviously improved . Four cases were effective. There was no ineffective case. The total effective rate was therefore 100%.


Various  methods of acupuncture treatment combined with cupping achieved the following:

  • pain relief
  • the release of conglutination  
  • the removal of pathogenic factors such as wind, cold, dampness and blood stasis from the shoulder 
  • good blood circulation
  • peaceful mind

Chinese herbs  consolidated the curative effect, improved energy and prevented and cured the invasion of pathogenic factors. 

Overall, Chinese medical therapy which integrated acupuncture and herbs reduced pathogenic factors; improved defensive power; and treated symptoms and the condition itself.  Therefore, TCM comprehensive therapy  gained satisfactory results.

Key words

Periarthritis of the shoulder; acupuncture ; heat needle;  FSN needle; filiform needle; cupping; Dr Song Herbal Periarthritis Powder;  Dr Song Arthritis Herbal Cream