CLINICAL STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE FOR DYSMENORRHEA WITH ACNE Dr Song Clinic Published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, vol 24, issue 1, March 2017



To observe  the clinical curative effect of comprehensive traditional Chinese medical therapy on patients with dysmenorrhea and acne


All 15 patients with dysmenorrhea  and acne received traditional Chinese  medical  treatment on the first and the third day of menstruation for three months, making a total of six treatments each.

Treatment method: two acupoints  (DU3, DU4) at the DU meridian received acupuncture with heated needles; six acupoints at the lower torso of the bladder meridian (BL32, BL36, GB30) received acupuncture with heated needles plus pricking and cupping; six acupoints at the upper torso of the bladder meridian (BL13, BL15, BL18) received pricking and cupping. Acupuncture was carried out at seven median acupoints  (DU 20, EX-HN3, RN22, RN17, RN14, RN12, RN6); eight acupoints for the uterus (RN4, RN3, EX-CA1, ST28, ST29); four acupoints for the Chong and REN meridians (LU7, SP4); four acupoints for the spleen and stomach meridians (SP9, ST36); six acupoints  for essence and blood (KI3, SP6, SP10); six acupoints for soothing the liver (LR3, SJ5, GB41) and four acupoints  for regulation of the mind (PC7, HT7). Moxibustion was applied on acupoint RN4. Dr Song’s herbal acne cream was prescribed to be applied to the face twice daily.


12 cases were cured and three cases were effective. The total effective rate was 100%.


Acupuncture at DU3 and DU4 by heated needle can give the uterus warm energy and more energy to the whole body.

Acupuncture at BL32, BL36 and GB30 by heated needle plus pricking and cupping can drive cold feeling away and take metabolic waste out of blood  capillaries.  Pricking and cupping at BL13, BL15 and BL18 can drive away  all uncomfortable feelings such as hot, wet and stress and remove  metabolic waste from the body.  Acupuncture at DU20, EX-HN3, RN22, RN17, RN14, RN12 and RN6 guide heat from the head down to the lower abdomen, to give the uterus warm energy. Acupuncture at RN4, RN3, EX-CA1, ST28 and ST29 and Moxibustion at acupoint RN4 can warm the uterus, give the body strong energy and good blood circulation and remove cold water and stasis blood from the uterus and bladder. Acupuncture at LU7 and SP4  can give nourishment to the Chong and REN meridians which connect to the uterus.  Acupuncture at SP9 and ST36 makes energy circulate smoothly inside the body.  Acupuncture at KI3, SP6 and SP10 improves essence and blood circulation inside the uterus and ovaries. Acupuncture at  LR3, SJ5 and GB41 can make the patient happy and reduces stress.  Acupuncture at PC7 and HT7 can make the patient sleep well, relax and have good blood circulation.

These Chinese medical treatments achieve health-improving results by way of detoxification, channel stasis and improvements in energy. Energy and blood circulates smoothly inside the body, no cold or wet stays in the uterus and ovaries and no hot wet stasis stays inside the skin, then dysmenorrhea  and acne dismiss. Dr Song’s herbal acne cream applied to the face helps in acne recovery by taking the hot wet stasis away and promoting good blood circulation in the face.

Key words

Dysmenorrhea and acne. Good circulation of energy and blood. Heated needle. Pricking and cupping. Acupuncture. Moxibustion. Dr Song’s herbal acne cream