OBSERVATION OF CLINICAL EFFECT OF COMPREHENSIVE TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENTS FOR 30 PATIENTS WITH ACNE Dr Song Clinic Published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, vol 23, issue 1, March 2016



To explore the clinical curative effect of TCM comprehensive therapy on acne.


All 30 patients got acupuncture on facial acne, employed simultaneously  Chinese herbs fumigation  which can aid  clear  pathogenic heat and inflammation; Dr Song manipulation  of needles withdrawal  induced pathogenic factors out of   pimples. Plus abdominal acupuncture and extraction of dark blood from back acne by cupping after pricking. 10 sessions  per  course, the longest  treatment included  3 course.


21 cases were cured, 8 cases were effective and 0 ineffective cases, 1 case gave up treatment within the first course.The total effective rate was at 96.67%.


That acupuncture on facial acne adjust Qi and blood on face;  special manipulation  of needles withdrawal  by Dr Song expel pathogenic contents out of acne pox Chinese herbs fumigation  can aid  releasing pathogenic heat and clear inflammation; abdominal acupuncture regulate the mechanism of vital energy through promoting smooth circulation in meridian system and Balance between Yin and Yang, besides , abdominal acupuncture can tranquilize the mind. cupping after pricking at acne pimples of back can take pathogenic factors out and harmonize the interior and exterior.

Overall, TCM comprehensive therapy including system and local treatment for acne gained fairly satisfactory results.

Key words

Acne; acupuncture; Dr Song manipulation  of needles withdrawal  inducing  pathogenic factor out; TCM comprehensive therapy