Dr Song is one of the world's leading Chinese doctors and is an expert in the drug-free treatment of patients. She also has her own herbal pharmacy with over 200 Chinese herbs used by her in the preparation of herbal prescriptions for her patients

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Dr Song qualified for and was awarded the prestigious title Chief Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Physician by the WHO and UNESCO-recognised international regulatory body, The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.  Only 110 other doctors worldwide gained this title, equivalent to Professor in China and many other countries.

Certificate number ZRYS20170005

In the UK, Dr Song is qualified and insured to treat patients with the full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and herbs. She specialises in acupuncture as well as having expertise in medical massage and physiotherapy, cupping, moxibustion and heat treatment.  Dr Song prescribes herbs for further treatment and has her own dispensary with over 200 herbs (typically blending more than 20 for treating a patient).

Registered as a Chinese doctor in the UK with ATCM, registration number FM0150038

Dr Song gained an MSc and was trained by the famous Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Li Liu Kun, at the world's leading Chinese medicine university, the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.  The training by Professor Li makes Dr Song one of the few doctors in the world to have a direct academic link with the greatest Chinese doctors of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Professor Li was trained by Professor Zhao Shao Qin who in turn was trained and preceded his father, who was doctor to Emperor Pu Yi, the last emperor. His grandfather and great grandfather were also doctors to the preceding emperors.

Dr Song's formal licence to practise via the Chinese Ministry of Public Health, certificate number 201211142230103196611294824

Dr Song was trained in western medicine at one of the leading medical universities in China (Harbin Medical University) and worked in clinical practice in major state hospitals in Beijing for 25 years: Accident and Emergency, General Internal Medicine and Paediatric Departments.

Licensed as a western medical doctor by the Chinese Ministry of Public Health, certificate number 201211142230103196611294824

Registered as a physician with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health, number 199811110230103661129482

Registered as a GP (General Practitioner) with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health,  number 20020109

Dr Song undertook additional training to make her one of the few doctors in China qualified and licensed to treat patients with a mixture of Western and Chinese techniques. She subsequently worked in a hospital section specialising in the integration of Western and Chinese medicine, licensed by the Chinese State Medicine Administration Bureau

Dr Song has undertaken extensive medical research with over 30 academic articles published as well as editing two manuals on standard hospital procedures and has spoken at many medical conferences.
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