Dr Song BMed, MSc, ATCM(UK)

Expert in all forms of back & joint pain relief, sciatica & arthritis; migraine; depression & anxiety; acne, eczema & other skin problems; asthma; period pains, fertility/pregnancy treatment and more

Dr Song is an International Chief Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Physician

Dr Song is an experienced doctor and internationally-recognised expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. She has been treating patients for 27 years

  • BACK PAIN, FROZEN SHOULDER, SCIATICA and many other joint pains are Dr Song's speciality, with Chinese medicine particularly suited to treating back, neck and elbow pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, low back and leg pain and many other painful conditions.

  • ARTHRITIS in hands, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles: symptoms can be reduced or eradicated by Dr Song.

  • ACNE & SEVERE ACNE is another of Dr Song's specialities. Dr Song has her own special treatment for rapid recovery from acne, including severe acne. Dr Song has lectured at medical conferences and published articles on her acne treatment. Dr Song also has her own herbal acne cream which is effective.

  • SKIN CONDITIONS including eczema, itchy skin, psoriasis, foot infection and verruca can be successfully treated by Dr Song

  • ANXIETY & DEPRESSION  It is not widely known in the UK, but an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Dr Song can treat anxiety and depression completely drug-free using acupuncture, Chinese herbs and cupping.

  • MIGRAINE Dr Song is an expert in the treatment of migraine and can give immediate relief and restore a feeling of well-being during a migraine attack. Emergency and immediate treatment available from Dr Song in her London clinic.

  • STICKY MUSCLES  Dr Song has effective treatment for those suffering from "sticky muscles" during the recovery from broken arms, legs, shoulders etc and during the recovery from strokes.

  • WOMEN'S HEALTH INCLUDING PERIOD PAINS, PREGNANCY, IVF, MENOPAUSE & HOT FLUSHES  Dr Song has supplementary therapy for women trying to get pregnant or undergoing IVF treatment. Dr Song also has treatment for period pain and many of the issues associated with menopause.

  • RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS Sore throats, blocked noses, coughs, phlegm, difficulty breathing and fever are all problems Dr Song is accustomed to treating with rapid recovery.

  • STOMACH PROBLEMS Stomach ache, nausea, digestive problems, constipation can be effectively treated by Dr Song.

  • NERVOUS SYSTEM conditions and/or symptoms including strokes, Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis, facioplegia and polyradiculoneuritis can be treated by Dr Song using drug-free, traditional Chinese methods

  • CANCER Dr Song's treatment can help patients with their quality of life and alleviate symptoms when suffering from cancer and undergoing cancer operations and radiotherapy.

  • CHEMOTHERAPY For those undergoing chemotherapy, Dr Song has a special treatment to alleviate the side effects and make the patient feel more comfortable.

  • WELL-BEING Feeling under the weather? Run down, tired, exhausted or fed up? One of the benefits of possessing expertise in traditional Chinese treatment is that Dr Song can give treatment that leaves you feeling energetic, uplifted - and even happy!


ACUPUNCTURE Dr Song is an expert in many different forms of acupuncture

HERBS Dr Song has her own dispensary with more than 200 different herbs from which she selects when filling her prescriptions for treating patients

CUPPING, MOXIBUSTION & HEATLAMP are other treatments available from Dr Song

MASSAGE/PHYSIOTHERAPY/SCRUBBING Dr Song uses traditional Chinese medical massage ("Tui Na") when appropriate


Dr Song is one of the world's leading Chinese doctors and is an expert in the drug-free treatment of patients. She also has her own herbal pharmacy with over 200 Chinese herbs used by her in the preparation of herbal prescriptions for her patients

About imageAbout imageAbout image

Dr Song qualified for and was awarded the prestigious title Chief Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Physician by the WHO and UNESCO-recognised international regulatory body, The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.  Only 110 other doctors worldwide gained this title, equivalent to Professor in China and many other countries.

Certificate number ZRYS20170005

In the UK, Dr Song is qualified and insured to treat patients with the full range of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and herbs. She specialises in acupuncture as well as having expertise in medical massage and physiotherapy, cupping, moxibustion and heat treatment.  Dr Song prescribes herbs for further treatment and has her own dispensary with over 200 herbs (typically blending more than 20 for treating a patient).

Registered as a Chinese doctor in the UK with ATCM, registration number FM0150038

Dr Song gained an MSc and was trained by the famous Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Li Liu Kun, at the world's leading Chinese medicine university, the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.  The training by Professor Li makes Dr Song one of the few doctors in the world to have a direct academic link with the greatest Chinese doctors of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Professor Li was trained by Professor Zhao Shao Qin who in turn was trained and preceded his father, who was doctor to Emperor Pu Yi, the last emperor. His grandfather and great grandfather were also doctors to the preceding emperors.

Dr Song's formal licence to practise via the Chinese Ministry of Public Health, certificate number 201211142230103196611294824

Dr Song was trained in western medicine at one of the leading medical universities in China (Harbin Medical University) and worked in clinical practice in major state hospitals in Beijing for 25 years: Accident and Emergency, General Internal Medicine and Paediatric Departments.

Licensed as a western medical doctor by the Chinese Ministry of Public Health, certificate number 201211142230103196611294824

Registered as a physician with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health, number 199811110230103661129482

Registered as a GP (General Practitioner) with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health,  number 20020109

Dr Song undertook additional training to make her one of the few doctors in China qualified and licensed to treat patients with a mixture of Western and Chinese techniques. She subsequently worked in a hospital section specialising in the integration of Western and Chinese medicine, licensed by the Chinese State Medicine Administration Bureau

Dr Song has undertaken extensive medical research with over 30 academic articles published as well as editing two manuals on standard hospital procedures and has spoken at many medical conferences.
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Dr Song is a popular and well-liked Chinese doctor practising Traditional Chinese Medicine in Muswell Hill. She is an internationally recognised expert in the integration of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 I have been to see acupuncturists around the world for the last 10 years, after old chronic conditions were reversed by traditional Chinese medicine, showing me just how potent Chinese medicine can be. But none of them are as thorough, intense, and simultaneously kind and gentle as Dr Song was during my treatment. I feel like I had the honour of experiencing acupuncture at its purist - and I look forward to the results and experience of seeing Dr Song again. 

Stress; neck, back and nose conditionMB, April 2019

 Considerable relief in pain and stress levels. Before I could barely walk or sit, and now feeling much lighter and stronger, stable on my feet after treatment. Thank you for your excellent care! 

Low back and leg painYN, April 2019

 Releases all tensions. Soothes the mind. Lifts the spirits. 

Parkinson’s Disease, stressMD, April 2019

 Terrible compressed aching feet. Nerves. After treatment my feet are feeling much more relaxed 

Compression pain in feetSE, April 2019

 Very helpful. Pain greatly reduced. 

Painful jaw and headacheRB, February 2019

 Treatment was more than two hours. Dr Song tried her best, healing massage was wonderful. Pain was severely controlled 

Knee and shoulder injurySK, February 2019

 My treatment involved cupping, massage and acupuncture. These were new sensations but I felt warm and comfortable throughout and in good hands. 

Irregular periodsAnon, January 2019

 Since being treated by Dr Song, my acne has improved so much, I can see a massive difference. My anxiety is also much better, and I feel a lot more relaxed. It’s brilliant! 

Anxiety and acneMs S, January 2019

 I went to see Dr Song for bad flu and frozen shoulder, back pain for more than 20 years pain. After two treatments I feel already great release and feel my vitality coming back. Now I know I need to be positive and healthy. Thank you dear Dr Song. 

Flu and frozen shoulderSS, January 2019

 Feeling great after the first treatment. Pain nearly gone. Headache gone, toothache too. My whole body feels different and my mood has changed. Thank you very much Dr Song. 

Lower back pain and toothacheSS, January 2019

 A very thorough, comprehensive treatment. Dr Song works vigorously (herbal, massage and moving Qi ) and with devotion. The acupuncture and electrodes were powerful. I feel more balanced, cleaner, energised, calmer and very grateful. Thank you. 

Herpes simplex, low immunityMH, January 2019

 Acupuncture was great and not painful at all. Very happy with treatment and herbs. 

Low back pain, sciaticaLW, December 2018

 Dr Song is extremely dedicated and highly qualified acupuncturist. Extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine and treatment. Every time I visit, I feel improvement and leave very positive and happy! 

Acupuncture for optic atrophyBT, December 2018

 Dr Song was amazing. I could feel the inside of my shoulder changing as the treatment worked. When I came in, I could hardly raise my arm and now I have much greater movement and I can lift it much higher than before. I am looking forward to what happens next! 

Frozen shoulderJW, Dcember 2018

 Pain has subsided 

Lower back pain treatmentBW, November 2018

 Now it is much better 

Arthritis, neck, shoulder, back treatmentSS, November 2018

 First time going through acupuncture treatment. I got to say that I feel refreshed and amazed with the results, thank you. 

Back painMr A, October 2018

 Painful neck - better after treatment and able to move freely without pain. Thank you Dr Song. 

Painful neckBM October 2018

 This second treatment followed an X-ray which revealed that the bone had healed radiologically, two weeks after the first treatment (with Dr Song). Dr Song treated my shoulder for the post-fracture rehabilitation procedure. She was very diligent in applying a variety of techniques like electro-stimulation, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, massage as well. The shoulder felt more relaxed and stretching was more easy afterwards. 

Broken shoulder rehabilitationVN, September 2018

 Dr Song treated me with much care and attention and most of all, with a positive result. I can now bend, put my foot flat on the floor...and smile! 

SciaticaPT, September 2018

 Big improvement in movement of my arm/shoulder. Thank you. 

Frozen shoulder and neck painBM, September 2018

 This was my first session with Dr Song and the treatment was very good. Dr Song applied herself diligently using a variety of techniques. I could see a progress even after the first session. 

Four weeks after broken shoulderVN, August 2018

 Treatment very relaxing, had very deep restful sleep during, sinuses immediately feel more open and less inflamed. 

SinusitisJS, August 2018

 Very thorough treatment. Feel much better. Neck movement much improved. 

Neck pain, lower back painRE, July 2018

 Excellent treatment, very relaxing. I felt much better after the first session. Highly recommend it. 

Acupuncture/frozen shoulderLA, July 2018

 Thank you, it felt amazing and I hope it will be effective. Already my arm feels better and it's better already to move my shoulder. Thank you. 

Frozen shoulderRL, June 2018

 The combination of different treatments that Dr Song carefully selected is a great help and only after four treatments I see and feel the improvements. 

Hair loss and stressER, June 2018

 Solved other issues same time 

AcupunctureA, June 2018

 It seems a lot better. I had pains from below hip to knee. 

Piriform's syndrome/acupunctureMH, June 2018

 Exceptionally good. Really outstanding feelings from all the treatment. I am 85 and I feel much better! 

Acupuncture for back painBK, June 2018

 Thank you Dr Song - you have really helped me a lot through both your medical knowledge and your intuitive approach. I am so grateful for your holistic approach to my conditions. 

AcupunctureML, April 2018

 I thought I would send a quick thank you for this morning's session. I found it to be medically enlightening to be treated by such a well qualified Chinese doctor. You have a very calm and patient manner not to rush me. Once again, thanks. 

Non-infected itchy skinMr MS, London

 Dr a Song has worked miracles on my shoulder and knee 

Stiff and painful shoulder and kneeMr HK, Mill Hill

 So welcoming and hospitable. I am the patient's mother and on arrival my son was bent forward, leaning heavily on a broom (for support). After Dr Song's attentions taking three hours, he could sit/stand free/walk for the first time in four days. A most impressive treatment. 

SciaticaSR, London, April 2018

 I entered Dr Song's surgery in pain and could not move my right arm. After treatment, my movement is astonishing. I am walking out of the surgery happy. 

Frozen shoulderMF, London, April 2018

 Dr Song is highly professional. I have seen her five times so far and my face has recovered/shown recovery. Dr Song is also very caring. She takes care of you in every respect. She is very positive which influences her treatment significantly. 

Thyroid and facial problemsLL, London, April 2018

 Dr Song made good treatment. My back feels better, with more mobility and less pain. 

Lower back painEP, London, April 2018

 Dear Dr Song, thank you for a great session yesterday. I feel much better. Could I book a session for my husband to see you later this week (for his back, slipped disc and sciatica)...Thank you, you have really helped me a lot through both your medical knowledge and your intuitive approach. I am so grateful for your holistic approach to my conditions. 

Lower back and neck painML, London, April 2018

 Feeling less nausea. No period pain and feet warmer. And feeling relaxed. 

Nausea, period pains, acne, cold feetJS, London, March 2018

 Dear Dr Song, I came to see you last week for my right shoulder. I can't thank you enough for taking my pain away. 

Shoulder painAB, March 2018

 I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep. So much went into this treatment I am looking forward to feeling its effects! 

Frozen shoulderAB, March 2018

 I cannot thank you enough for what you have done me. The appointment last Saturday has been a great success. My skin feels softer, smoother, the mild acne is healing and almost no new pimples have appeared since then. My foot is getting better and better too and I can walk without limping. I really appreciate that you took care of me for such a long time. 

Painful left foot and facial acne, one week laterSW, Switzerland, March 2018

 I enjoyed a very intensive treatment with acupuncture, cupping and herbs. I'm feeling very good now and the pain in my left foot has disappeared/is gone. 

Painful left foot and acne, immediately after treatmentSW, Switzerland, March 2018

 Thank you, Dr Song. I had a very good treatment. I feel more peaceful. My body is relaxed and energised. I'm very pleased with the variety of modalities that you used on me. 

Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medical treatmentsML, February 2018

 I suffered from migraines for four years. Dr Song's treatment is amazing. I only wish I found her clinic sooner! I could not recommend Dr Song enough to anyone that suffers from chronic migraines. 

Migraine TreatmentAI, Feb 2018

 Dr Song tells me it will be effective, so I am hoping it works well. I appreciate the care Dr Song gives. 

Neck, shoulder and lower back painWS, Feb 2018

 A wonderful healing treatment. Dr Song is very caring, exacting and thorough. Many, many thanks 

Recovering from post-cancer ChemotherapyDH, January 2018

 Before I saw Dr Song, I was in so much pain, having suffered from severe migraines for well over ten years. My first visit left me energised and pain-free. Recently I had a second treatment with Dr Song and I cannot express enough the amount of care and attention I have received, going above and beyond to ensure my problem is resolved. I would highly recommend anyone to pay Dr Song a visit, honestly, you won't regret it. I wish I had found her many years ago as my condition would not have been so bad. 

Migraine TreatmentGD, January 2018

 I am very pleased with the treatment by Dr Song. I came with pains in my left leg due to sciatica. After two treatments this was gone. Now I am being treated for my back. The improvement in the back pain is significant. Dr Song works tirelessly during my treatment. 

Sciatica and back painLP, January 2018

 Symptoms before Dr Song's treatment: Neck and top back very stiff, couldn't fully turn head, always aching. Anxiety and depression moderate to high, more anxiety than depression. After treatment: Some relief in neck, could turn more fully. Anxiety and depression felt calmed and lessened. 

Neck and back pain, anxiety, depressionED, Jan 2018

 I get migraine a few times each year and it stops me working. Really bad head and eye pain, blurred vision, nausea, sensitive to light and sound. I thought that there was no cure but then tried Dr Song's treatment. It is just so difficult to explain how it works, but the migraine simply went away. I am so grateful to you Dr Song for helping and thank you so much for curing my migraine. 

Migraine TreatmentDB, December 2017

 Earlier this year I suffered from a bad case of frozen shoulder with very painful nerve entrapment, which caused so much pain that I could not sleep at night. I had six consecutive weekly sessions with Dr Song accompanied by a course of herbs for every week and my shoulder has come back to full mobility and I am pain free! Even the physio, whom I also consulted, was surprised by the speed of my recovery! What I particularly appreciated during my treatment was the time and attention given to me as an individual by Dr Song. She is highly professional and knowledgeable in her field and at the same time very caring and reassuring and I feel my sessions with her restored my health and vitality beyond the pure physical functionality of the shoulder. I would highly recommend her. 

Frozen ShoulderMrs K, Muswell Hill, September 2017

 Very intense therapy. I'd never had acupuncture before. Very interesting. Pain is relieved considerably. 

SciaticaMr V, London, July 2017

 Before my treatment with Dr Song yesterday, I had had excruciating back pain for over a week and was unable to stand fully or walk upright and I had difficulty sleeping due to the pain. The previous week I had been literally immobilised with a slipped disc and muscle damage, was off work and taking regular, strong painkillers and a muscle relaxant. My GP said it could take 7 days or 7 weeks until I was feeling better, so someone suggested I try a consultation with a Chinese doctor. Never having experienced this in my life before, I admit I felt somewhat apprehensive, but the pain was such that I thought, what is there to lose? Well, I lost the bent posture, the muscle spasms, the sleeplessness and most of the pain!! All I have left is a feeling of stiffness in the morning, for which Dr Song provided herbal ointment to apply on waking. When I applied it this morning it gave my back a feeling of warmth. I was not expecting the examination to be so thorough or the treatment session so long and to have such a strange feeling of body and back relaxation at the end of it, when I was treated to a delicious cup of Chinese tea! While I am not 100% back to normal yet, I am well on the way, and now able to be physically active again. Dr Song also identified a pre-existing arthritic problem so I will probably be back for more of her herbal ointment when this tin runs out! Once again, thank you very much for your expertise Dr. Song, you have made a difference and I really appreciate it! 

Slipped discMs B, Letchworth, Herts, 5 June 2017

 I came to see Dr Song eight weeks after I fractured my shoulder very badly, when the pain was still very intense. After four weeks and having two treatment sessions weekly, the pain had virtually disappeared and I was able to stop taking the painkillers and the sleeping tablets. The tennis elbow also completely recovered. Three months after the fracture, using acupuncture and gentle massage, the frozen shoulder is much improved and I am now able to swim again, do pilates and drive the car. 

Broken shoulder, tennis elbowMrs SS, Friern Barnet

 I was suffering from severe depression which was inhibiting me from functioning normally in daily life. Before trying antidepressants (because they only manage depression, not treat it) I thought I would go to Dr Song. I am still being treated but two months later I am almost 100% cured. Dr Song treated me with a weekly session as well as giving me her herbal medicine to be taken twice a day. After inquiring, I found out the medicine is made by her with around 20 different herbs. As my condition changed so did the ingredients. I cannot stress enough this is not homeopathy but a world class doctor's 20+ years of experience. I cannot thank Dr Song enough for curing what I thought I would never fully recover from. 

DepressionMr A, Muswell Hill, 26 May 2017

 I have been suffering from severe endometriosis for over two years, with a cyst on my right ovary. I had keyhole surgery in October 2016 and then started to see Dr Song soon after to help with recovery. Also found out that my Fallopian tubes were partially blocked. During this period I also had two failed IVF cycles. Following treatment with Dr Song I am now pregnant for the first time. Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs she helped me unblock my Fallopian tubes and helped to manage my endometriosis symptoms. 

Endometriosis, IVF, pregnancyMs Y, London, 18 May 2017

 I was in agony after I hurt my lower back. Recovery via the over-stretched NHS was going to take several months, with a physiotherapy session every 2 to 3 weeks. So I went to Dr Song and after one session with her acupuncture and back massage and manipulation, I could walk freely and the pain was almost gone. Thank you so much Dr Song. 

Lower back painMr DB, Muswell Hill

 Dr Song has been treating me every week since 11 February 2017. I have had many conditions. - reactive arthritis causing knee joint pain - irregular heart beat - itchy hives due to menopause - hot flushes due to menopause - ankle pain due to exercise injury I have had cupping, acupuncture and herbs. My recovery has been amazing. I just have a little ankle pain left, that's all. Thank you Dr Song, you are very kind, friendly and talented person. 

Menopause, hot flushes, hives, arthritis, sports injuryMrs SG, London, 9 May 2017

 I have been treated for menopausal hot flushes and subsequent heat rash/hives. Dr Song gave cupping and acupuncture together with herbs to drink. I have been three times now and my symptoms have improved significantly and almost completely subsided. Dr Song is genuine and knowledgeable and advised that with a few more regular sessions, my problem will/should be gone. I am very happy with the care she has given so far. 

MenopauseMrs SG, London, 17 March 2017

 This cream is simply wonderful. It soothed my acne and reduced the swelling, helping the acne to heal. It also gave my skin a healthy glow. I do hope you are making more, it's brilliant! 

User of Dr Song Herbal Acne CreamMs WS, England

Session of treatment

  • A treatment session normally lasts about two hours

Herbal prescriptions

  • £50 for one-week supply of blended herbs prescribed by Dr Song

Herbal skin creams and sprays made by Dr Song

  • Available in the Clinic or by mail order
  • WeChat: SongBeskine
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  •  song@drsong.clinic
  •  Dr Song is currently in China, building a new clinic specialising in the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. However she is available via email and WeChat for consultation with UK patients and formulating herbal prescriptions. The prescriptions are then made up by a reputable U.K. herb supplier and delivered to the patient. Dr Song’s new clinic is on the tropical island of Hainan, which is also a popular holiday destination as it has warm weather all year. Dr Song will welcome patients from the U.K. in future.

OBSERVATION OF THE CLINICAL EFFECT OF COMPREHENSIVE TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENT FOR PATIENTS WITH PERIARTHRITIS OF THE SHOULDER Dr Song Clinic, London Published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, vol 24, issue 2, November 2017



To explore the clinical curative effect of comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy on periarthritis of the shoulder.


Twenty patients with periarthritis of the shoulder received acupuncture on Ashi points  (Tender points)  by heat  needle pricking , FSN needle floating, filiform needle in deep or surrounding tissue and cupping. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy helped the surface of the shoulder have strong energy against cold, wind and wet conditions in the environment and at the same time helping get swollen and extravasated blood out of the shoulder.  Then good blood with more oxygen comes to the shoulder with better circulation.

Acupuncture on four limbs to balance energy and blood, to nourish tendons (controlled by the liver meridian) and bones (controlled by the kidney meridian) and to help make the mind peaceful. 

Treatment was once a week with ten sessions  per  course.  The longest  treatment was just one course.  Simultaneously, each day patients took orally 10 grams of Dr Song's Herbal Periarthritis Powder and daily externally applied Dr Song's Arthritis Cream. 

The Herbal Powder and Arthritis Cream helped improve  the circulation of blood and energy; get cold, wind and wet conditions out of the shoulder; stretch the tendon and muscle; and strengthen the bones.


Five cases were cured. 11 cases were obviously improved . Four cases were effective. There was no ineffective case. The total effective rate was therefore 100%.


Various  methods of acupuncture treatment combined with cupping achieved the following:

  • pain relief
  • the release of conglutination  
  • the removal of pathogenic factors such as wind, cold, dampness and blood stasis from the shoulder 
  • good blood circulation
  • peaceful mind

Chinese herbs  consolidated the curative effect, improved energy and prevented and cured the invasion of pathogenic factors. 

Overall, Chinese medical therapy which integrated acupuncture and herbs reduced pathogenic factors; improved defensive power; and treated symptoms and the condition itself.  Therefore, TCM comprehensive therapy  gained satisfactory results.

Key words

Periarthritis of the shoulder; acupuncture ; heat needle;  FSN needle; filiform needle; cupping; Dr Song Herbal Periarthritis Powder;  Dr Song Arthritis Herbal Cream

CLINICAL STUDY ON THE EFFECT OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE FOR DYSMENORRHEA WITH ACNE Dr Song Clinic Published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, vol 24, issue 1, March 2017



To observe  the clinical curative effect of comprehensive traditional Chinese medical therapy on patients with dysmenorrhea and acne


All 15 patients with dysmenorrhea  and acne received traditional Chinese  medical  treatment on the first and the third day of menstruation for three months, making a total of six treatments each.

Treatment method: two acupoints  (DU3, DU4) at the DU meridian received acupuncture with heated needles; six acupoints at the lower torso of the bladder meridian (BL32, BL36, GB30) received acupuncture with heated needles plus pricking and cupping; six acupoints at the upper torso of the bladder meridian (BL13, BL15, BL18) received pricking and cupping. Acupuncture was carried out at seven median acupoints  (DU 20, EX-HN3, RN22, RN17, RN14, RN12, RN6); eight acupoints for the uterus (RN4, RN3, EX-CA1, ST28, ST29); four acupoints for the Chong and REN meridians (LU7, SP4); four acupoints for the spleen and stomach meridians (SP9, ST36); six acupoints  for essence and blood (KI3, SP6, SP10); six acupoints for soothing the liver (LR3, SJ5, GB41) and four acupoints  for regulation of the mind (PC7, HT7). Moxibustion was applied on acupoint RN4. Dr Song’s herbal acne cream was prescribed to be applied to the face twice daily.


12 cases were cured and three cases were effective. The total effective rate was 100%.


Acupuncture at DU3 and DU4 by heated needle can give the uterus warm energy and more energy to the whole body.

Acupuncture at BL32, BL36 and GB30 by heated needle plus pricking and cupping can drive cold feeling away and take metabolic waste out of blood  capillaries.  Pricking and cupping at BL13, BL15 and BL18 can drive away  all uncomfortable feelings such as hot, wet and stress and remove  metabolic waste from the body.  Acupuncture at DU20, EX-HN3, RN22, RN17, RN14, RN12 and RN6 guide heat from the head down to the lower abdomen, to give the uterus warm energy. Acupuncture at RN4, RN3, EX-CA1, ST28 and ST29 and Moxibustion at acupoint RN4 can warm the uterus, give the body strong energy and good blood circulation and remove cold water and stasis blood from the uterus and bladder. Acupuncture at LU7 and SP4  can give nourishment to the Chong and REN meridians which connect to the uterus.  Acupuncture at SP9 and ST36 makes energy circulate smoothly inside the body.  Acupuncture at KI3, SP6 and SP10 improves essence and blood circulation inside the uterus and ovaries. Acupuncture at  LR3, SJ5 and GB41 can make the patient happy and reduces stress.  Acupuncture at PC7 and HT7 can make the patient sleep well, relax and have good blood circulation.

These Chinese medical treatments achieve health-improving results by way of detoxification, channel stasis and improvements in energy. Energy and blood circulates smoothly inside the body, no cold or wet stays in the uterus and ovaries and no hot wet stasis stays inside the skin, then dysmenorrhea  and acne dismiss. Dr Song’s herbal acne cream applied to the face helps in acne recovery by taking the hot wet stasis away and promoting good blood circulation in the face.

Key words

Dysmenorrhea and acne. Good circulation of energy and blood. Heated needle. Pricking and cupping. Acupuncture. Moxibustion. Dr Song’s herbal acne cream

OBSERVATION OF CLINICAL EFFECT OF COMPREHENSIVE TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICAL TREATMENTS FOR 30 PATIENTS WITH ACNE Dr Song Clinic Published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, vol 23, issue 1, March 2016



To explore the clinical curative effect of TCM comprehensive therapy on acne.


All 30 patients got acupuncture on facial acne, employed simultaneously  Chinese herbs fumigation  which can aid  clear  pathogenic heat and inflammation; Dr Song manipulation  of needles withdrawal  induced pathogenic factors out of   pimples. Plus abdominal acupuncture and extraction of dark blood from back acne by cupping after pricking. 10 sessions  per  course, the longest  treatment included  3 course.


21 cases were cured, 8 cases were effective and 0 ineffective cases, 1 case gave up treatment within the first course.The total effective rate was at 96.67%.


That acupuncture on facial acne adjust Qi and blood on face;  special manipulation  of needles withdrawal  by Dr Song expel pathogenic contents out of acne pox Chinese herbs fumigation  can aid  releasing pathogenic heat and clear inflammation; abdominal acupuncture regulate the mechanism of vital energy through promoting smooth circulation in meridian system and Balance between Yin and Yang, besides , abdominal acupuncture can tranquilize the mind. cupping after pricking at acne pimples of back can take pathogenic factors out and harmonize the interior and exterior.

Overall, TCM comprehensive therapy including system and local treatment for acne gained fairly satisfactory results.

Key words

Acne; acupuncture; Dr Song manipulation  of needles withdrawal  inducing  pathogenic factor out; TCM comprehensive therapy

THE ACADEMIC ESSENCE OF PROFESSOR SHAOQIN ZHAO TRAINED BY IMPERIAL PHYSICIANS AND "DRIVE STAGNATION AWAY" Dr Song Clinic The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Official Academic Journal of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK, to be published in March 2018



This year (2018) is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Professor Shaoqin Zhao.  Professor Zhao was a leading authority in Chinese medicine techniques following three generations of Imperial Physicians in the Qing Dynasty in China: his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. We analysed Professor Shaoqin Zhao’s academic theories about febrile disease and internal medicine disease and examined 12 patients’ medical records of three doctors. The doctors were Professor Zhao himself plus two doctors heavily influenced by him: Professor Liukun Li who was taught by Professor Zhao and Dr Zhixiang Song who was taught by Professor Li.

The aim was to explore the academic essence of Professor Zhao’s Traditional Chinese Medicine theories. We wanted to commemorate Professor Zhao who made such a great contribution to bridging the gap between the old and new China and provided the basis of the education for many of today’s Chinese doctors.


An analysis of the academic theories of Professor Shaoqin Zhao regarding febrile disease:

  • take condition out of surface while the hot condition just stays at body surface;
  • take condition out of body while the hot condition remains inside;
  • take the condition out of body, even the hot condition inside interstitial fluid;
  • cool the hot ropy blood and make good circulation for blood to spread hot condition out of blood while the hot condition inside the blood.

An analysis of the Professor’s theories about hot mixed wet illness: make the wet to become  air being exhaled through lungs and skin first,  then the remaining  heat with wet condition is removed through  chest,  abdominal and  pelvic cavities by way of phlegm, stool and urine.

Identifying internal medical disease in two ways:

  • identification of energy on surface, energy inside, interstitial fluid and blood; and
  • identification of chest cavity and above, abdominal cavity, pelvic cavity and below.

Treating internal medical disease in three ways:

  • help energy-diffusing condition out from the surface and driving condition out through phlegm, stool and urine;
  • make good circulation for all body energy and blood;
  • make chest, abdominal and pelvic cavity work well with no stagnation block.

Every condition in the body is ‘Stagnation’ by Professor Zhao’s dialectical viewpoint.  ‘Open the ways of surface and inside the body, drive stagnation away, let energy and blood have good circulation’ is the key for treating any disease.

Patients’ medical records of the master Professor Zhao and two apprentices Liukun Li and Zhixiang Song show ‘Driving Away Stagnation’ is an effective treatment for patients.


‘Open the ways of the surface and inside the body, drive stagnation away, let energy and blood have good circulation’ is the academic essence of Professor Shaoqin Zhao. The treatment following this academic essence is most effective for patients.


Taking the febrile stagnation out of the body from the surface; making the wet stagnation steam out of the body from lungs; keeping the chest, abdominal and pelvic cavities working well to drive all stagnation out of the body all the time, are important ways to drive stagnation away. ‘Driving Stagnation Away’ is the academic essence of Professor Shaoqin Zhao for treating all conditions.

 Key words: Professor Shaoqin Zhao, Academic essence, Drive Stagnation Away